Who we are

Welcome to shopyourproject.com

ShopYourProject.com is an online warehouse for selling Academic Electronics Project Kits, Hobby Projects & General Do-it-Yourself Experimenter’s Stuff.

About SYP Group

We provide engineering services to clients with product design and development needs. Engineering services include all phases of an electronic product development process. Completing quality services on time and successfully transferring the service’s technical knowledge to the client is our goal. Our focus on service will allow us to grow more & more with the passion in Electronics. We want shopyourproject.com to be known as a service company that happens to sell project kits, and anything and everything.

Contact Details:

  • Email ID: admin@shopyourproject.com

What we do

We follow our VISION:

To utilize electronic design expertise to support customers throughout the project development and enable them to achieve their individual technology goals. To Kick-start development of newer and better technologies.

Our website currently accepts payments only in Indian currency and shipment addresses only in India. However if you wish to shop in any other currency and get the product shipped to any other country, do get in touch with us directly at admin@shopyourproject.com and we will try our best to make it happen.

We work with companies to develop distribution channels for products and we are consistently strengthening our distribution network; have already tied up with leading inventories across US, China and India. Most of the innovative high-end products will be directly shipped to you from our warehouse in India. And wherever possible, we will ship it directly from the overseas supplier to you with no extra shipping cost to be borne by you. You will enjoy these low costs and reduced shipping and high-quality products.

In order for you to spend more time on choosing what you want than on trying to balance your shipping costs, we have tried to simplify the process with just two slabs:

  1. A flat shipping cost of Rs. 200 anywhere in India up to an order value of Rs. 2000, regardless of what quantity you buy
  2. Above orders of Rs. 2000, you pay no shipping charges!